Post-Game 162 Thoughts

So with the Athletics’ win today over the Rangers, the Mariners were officially eliminated from the postseason.

Yeah, it stings. We were so close – another win and tomorrow would be a whole new day. But as I was saying before, this season has been such an incredible journey with unforgettable moments of victory. Seager’s walkoff to end an eight game losing streak. Roenis Elias surprising everybody in his rookie season (my favorite game from him was either when he struck out ten Yankees in the Bronx or his CG shutout against the Tigers). The “Thunderstruck” game where the M’s, fueled by a lightning sixth inning beat the WC contending Blue Jays 11-1. Coming from behind 3-0 with two outs in the ninth and winning to sweep the Sox at Fenway for the first time ever. Felix’s amazing season and all of the consecutive games where he set the 7 IP 2 ER or less record. The walk off from last night (that people are now nicknaming “The Stretch”). The list goes on and on (feel free to add what your favorite games of the season were! We want to know!).

My point is, we watched the Mariners go from being a below average, often laughed at team in 2013 to a playoff contending, truly enjoyable group of guys in 2014. Do you guys remember last year? That was a team that was thirteen games under .500. A team that had three straight bullpen meltdowns in a row. A team that had “potential” and “young talent” written all over them along with “failure to execute” and “bad management.” A team that called up their #1 prospect in desperation because a player more used to playing college ball than professional baseball would be a better catcher than they had at the moment. A team that left a bad taste in your mouth every time you would check the standings, just for kicks.

This is a team that ended the year twelve games over .500. A team that contended for a Wild Card spot up until the last day of the season. A team that brought on an expensive, shiny second base star in the hopes that he would guide the offense and provide the spark the team needed, all of which he has done and more. A team that not only played like a playoff team, but they all believed in it. Every. Single. One. They believed in their unbeatable bullpen. They believed in Lloyd, and likewise Lloyd believed in them. They believed in the idea of winning something for Seattle other than a Lombardi trophy.

 After all of that, no, we didn’t make it to the coveted playoff berth. But it’s important to remember that at the end of it all – the playoffs, Wild Card, World Series, after all of that – there’s only one team out of thirty that isn’t left with a gut-wrenching feeling in their stomach.

One of my favorite quotes is “Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air, and behold the view.” We almost made it to the top of the mountain. It was a hell of a journey – we had a lot of fun along the way. This team was left with a glimpse of the peak just beyond the clouds – a glimpse that’s left them with a drive and desire to succeed. Yeah, we retreated back down that mountain, defeated and discouraged. But we’re better prepared, more knowledgeable, and more hopeful. Next season maybe we’ll make it to the top.

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The time has come again! This time Felix is going against Chase Utley. Vote for Felix for the Face of MLB by tweeting and retweeting up to 25 times!
Vote by using the hashtags: #FelixHernandez and #FaceofMLB
Our King truly deserves this, so lets make it happen!

The time has come again! This time Felix is going against Chase Utley. Vote for Felix for the Face of MLB by tweeting and retweeting up to 25 times!

Vote by using the hashtags: #FelixHernandez and #FaceofMLB

Our King truly deserves this, so lets make it happen!

Flashback Friday: August 21, 2012, To honor King Felix and his perfect game, 40,000 fans came to the ballpark and wore “King of Perfection” t-shirts, waving K-cards and celebrating. Felix dominated over 7 2/3 innings, and was backed by Eric Thames and Jesus Montero’s long balls. The Mariners won against the Indians, 5-1.

"That’s unbelievable, that’s some crazy stuff right there. That’s the best game I ever pitched in Safeco Field. In front of these guys, the crowd, it’s unbelievable. They yelled, ‘Felix, Felix.’ I mean, that’s something special."

Safeco Field, January 5, 2013

Safeco Field, January 5, 2013

"I love those guys. They’ve always been there to support me, to support the team."

Happy holidays from the Seattle Mariners.

For those who are unsure of the M’s recent signing of Jason Bay…

Keep in mind that, 1, he is costing next to nothing. One million in today’s game (not counting incentives), is a pretty good deal for a 3-time all star. 2, although he has had some recent struggles, this deal was more because, since the M’s are so young, having some veteran presence on the team. Jack spoke about wanting to have a player with a lot of experience and I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have him than Olivo. And 3, I know some of the concern is that they won’t sign anyone the rest of the offseason, but it has been stated multiple times that Jack is going to sign a big bat.

Welcome to Seattle, Jason Bay!

Welcome to Seattle, Jason Bay!

Flashback Friday: July 30th, 2012, Hisashi Iwakuma sets a Mariners rookie record for most strikeouts with 13, as the M’s win, 4-1, over the Jays.

"STRIKE THREE CALLED, HE GOT IT! The golden sombrero! Lawrie K’s for the fourth time, and for Iwakuma a Mariner rookie record with thirteen strikeouts in the ballgame!"

"They expect to have personal success. They expect for their team to have success today, and for them to be a direct part of it.”

Mariners have released Kawasaki and declined 2013 club option for Olivo.

pretty okay about olivo, you could tell it was his last year, but Kawasaki?! I know he can’t hit, but I mean…

look at him


gonna miss him

2012 Seattle Mariners.

Until Next Year.